Guatemala is a very beautiful country with its lush rainforest, Mayan culture, lakes, volcano’s and some of the kindest people on earth! There is a fast-growing population of over 16.5 million people in Guatemala, however there is an absence of something in this country. Something most of us have never been without, and that is a Gospel witness! There are many people clinging to worked based religions or the religions of their ancestors, but they have never been reached with the Gospel of Christ. Many Guatemalans have been led in Catholic prayers to try to attain heaven; however I am personally burdened to see these Spanish people taught that salvation is not in a prayer but in a Person, the Lord Jesus Christ! We ask you to pray for us, as we spread the truth to these people. Our desire is to preach and teach the Word of God, see souls come to Christ by grace through faith, plant churches in villages and towns that are without, and pray God would raise up Guatemalan men to pastor their people or become missionaries. Most importantly, our goal is to see God GLORIFIED in the country of GUATEMALA! Once again, we ask for your assistance in prayer and supplication, that God will use our family to reach the people of Guatemala for His glory. We pray that by exploring our website, you will learn more about this journey God has put us on!


Fast Facts

  • Population

    Around 17 million people; almost half of the population being under 19 years old

  • Language

    60% Spanish, 40% various Mayan Languages

  • Currency

    Quetzal (varies between 7.1-7.8 Quetzals to 1 US Dollar)

  • Poverty

    More than half the population is below the national poverty line and 23% live in extreme poverty. This makes for malnutrition and poor health. About 60% of the people cannot read or write. Many children will miss school in order to assist their family with work.

  • Religion

    50-60% of the population claim Roman Catholicism. Many Guatemalan people combine Catholic beliefs with traditional Mayan rites. Protestants account for 40% of the population, with the largest denominations being the Full Gospel Church, Assembly of God, Church of God, Prince of Peace Church, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Lutherans. Guatemala is home to one of the largest groups of unreached Jews!

  • Denim

    Blue denim was first created in Guatemala. Shortly after this invention, the brand Levi began distributing blue jeans around the world. Remember the next time you buy a pair of $45 Levi blue jeans, that hands are only being paid $50/wk. to make them!

  • Volcanos

    Guatemala is home to 30 Volcanos, 3 of them which are still active today!

  • Exports

    Exported products include coffee, raw sugar, bananas, precious metal ore, and knit sweaters.

  • What do they eat?

    Multiple styles of tamales, chilis, corn, tortillas, beans, pork, beef, and chicken. Coffee and sweet bread is a treat at most meals.For you chocolate lovers, you can thank the Mayan people from Guatemala, who invented the first ever chocolate bar!

Next time you make some instant coffee, remember the country of Guatemala. Instant coffee was invented in Guatemala, by George Washington! Not our beloved first president, but a Belgium refugee that moved to Guatemala back in 1906.

Guatemala has one of the highest crime rates in the world! Sometime 5-10 people a DAY will be killed! Many cartels control much of Guatemala City and there are “Zones” that even the Policia want go down. These people just simply need the Gospel!

Worry Dolls

Imagine being a child, growing up in a home with a dirt floor, old tin roof, and cornstalks tied together for walls. You walked hundreds of feet or even miles for water. Your food was cooked over an open fire, in less than sanitary conditions. You weren’t sure if tomorrow’s meal would be rice and beans again, or if you would “luck up” and get the treat of eating meat, or maybe sweet bread and coffee. In the summer, storms would wash out your floor, leaving a muddy mess. At night, you listen to the gunshots around you, coming from gang fights on a street near you. One night, your mother or father was walking home in the midst of all that chaos, and you begin to worry. You fear something has happened to them. You aren’t able to light a Catholic candle for them, so you turn to what you’ve been taught your whole life. You take out your worry doll, tell it your fears and worries, stick it under your pillow, and by morning the fears will be gone. This has been a tradition for the Mayan people for HUNDREDS of years! How sad to know their only hope in a time of fear lies in a small doll. When will the lies of Catholicism and their indigenous practices stop? They won’t end until someone gives them the gospel, and shows them that John 14:27 says Jesus can give them peace! We need to show them that Jesus Christ is the mediator between God and man, that He died for their sins, and they can have direct access to the throne of God at any time or any place! Oh, how we take for granted the privilege we have to pray!